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    Insurance for educational institutions including independent schools and academies

School insurance

Case study - School insurance

Here at Towergate Insurance Leeds, we value our education clients. Brooke Weston College has been with us for over 10 years and this is what they say about us:

Brooke Weston College has employed the insurance services of Towergate Insurance for over ten years. During this time the college has been extremely satisfied with the level of service that they have provided. They have a sound knowledge of a wide range of insurance matters relating to the education sector and are able to advise whenever required to do so.

Towergate and their staff are very proactive in ensuring our insurance requirements are met on an annual basis. Regular site visits are made to ensure that we are happy with the level of service provided and that we have the correct insurances in place. Any insurance query we have is referred directly to Towergate who then take action to resolve the problem on our behalf.

Most recently Towergate have been actively involved in establishing the insurance provision at Corby Business Academy, the partner school of Brooke Weston. Opening September 2008, the Academy has benefited enormously from the experience and expertise Towergate's staff have brought to the project. Their early involvement has ensured the necessary level of cover will be in place, protecting the staff, students and resources at the Academy.